19 June 2014

Items that are apparently worthy to make the news

  • Considering all the problems that we have in the states' and the wonderful, competent, think they know better than us geniuses better known as Congress/US Patent Office, they're worrying about the nickname of the Washington football franchise? Honestly, if we base things based on our "offendedness" would we even be able to accomplish anything? Virtually anything can be found "offensive" if we really try. As it's said in the Bill of No Rights, we don't have a right to not be offended. Maybe we ought to have the Bill of No Rights enshrined somewhere. 
  • Pope Francis is finally taking a vacation....I pray he comes back refreshed, and puts the insults to an end. 
  • So it's often advisable to not read the comments in various media...I hear the intelligence is often lacking from these things. Something to bear in mind, we don't wish to be the thought police, and should allow multiple viewpoints to take place, always in the light of Truth, and with respect and civility. I'd rather someone express something "hurtful" or hateful and it be seen in the open, than play the role of censor, but it is also true that lines need to be drawn somewhere.
  • I find it a bit becoming of some to solicit "likes" on a facebook page. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel that everything I personally "like" in real life needs to be acknowledged, or shown on facebook, I could be wrong...but I find the intrusion into personal privacy to be a bit much. 
  • Cardinal Dolan is up to his old antics again...whether it be allowing this, or kicking this priest out. I must say, I've never really been a fan of his...He can use some prayers. 
  • There's an icon exhibit at the Getty, for those of you local, I recommend that you go. 
  • There some personal intentions, in your charity, I'd love if you could pray for them. 
Pax Vobis

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