06 May 2014

The inability to separate

Sorry for not blogging much lately, things are under a bit of a frustration point with me...and while I'm praying for clarity, things are on cruise control for the time being.

I find often times that collectively we don't have an ability to make distinctions between anything. There's a pidge-podge of things that are combined together and either assumed to be equal, or assumed to be talked about, when nothing of that notion is being considered.

It's a difference between those of us that think linearly, and look at each situation in their own distinct circumstances and those of us that are non-linear and consider situations without distinction.

Too often times we often talk directly past each other, and not to each other. In addition, the non-linear people take things that linear people say to conclusions that were not thought of.

Without the ability to separate, things will get out of hand...more on this topic later.

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