10 December 2013

The How to pray the chyotki

Rumor has it that the author of this blog has his own chyotki (It is transliterated this way better the Russian spelling is чётки )...For those of you that have zero idea what a chyotki is...here's a picture

A chyotki is a prayer rope that dates back to the early centuries when the illiterate monks couldn't rad and so they'd use this to help them count their prayers...most often it is used like this:

On the big bead, you say O Holy Theotokos save us...

On the little beads you say: Lord Jesus, Son of David, (breathe) have mercy on me (us)...(often called prayer of the heart, or the Jesus' prayer)

It's that simple...Mine is blue, in honour of Our Lady (and it being my favorite color)...according to some, at the parish I attend, they say that Bishops' often have theirs blue...(God help us if that refers anything vocation wise)...I have 33 knots on mine in honour of the life of Our Lord...but there are several different sizes one can get. It is worn on the left arm...It is the eastern form of the rosary....and I rather like this prayer, so I thought I'd share it with you fellow readers.

The Holy Father wears one like this:

So thus I don't wish for anyone to say here at this blog that I hate the Holy Father....alright? We pray for him daily at this blog.

Pax Vobis

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