02 December 2013

Listening...or so it's called

Some people have made a point of telling  (as well intended as they may be) me that God has something special planned for me. And in the context in these statements would be that somehow there are those that still consider me to have a vocation to the priesthood. (Apparently it must be something in how I act or something like that, I'm only giving to God what is due unto Him, it's really no big deal...seriously, it's not that big of a deal, and I think nothing of it)

And some have mentioned to me that I should consider a vocation in the Byzantine church (in a rather implicit way), that I'd make a good priest or what not.

In my own typical shyness, I brush things off, having walked down that road before, which of course the details of such are kept out of the public eye.

God most certainly provides the grace to get through any situation, provided we cooperate with it, and as I've often mentioned, I'm quite broken, and I don't just speak from my last experiences in living religious life, I speak of all my personal experiences and weaknesses (there are plenty)...I know that people really try to point out the good, but the reality is that I have plenty of weaknesses and blocks towards such a "vocation." I don't kid when I say I'm not the next coming of any of my favorite Saints.

I'm quite stubborn and refuse to bow to anyone other than God, (which works both for a good and bad thing)...I don't do the Gospel of political correctness (if you're offended, too darn bad)...I'm not a fan of the USCCB as a collective whole (although there are plenty of fine good individual Bishops), and I will call them out on their stupidity...(you know, supporting amnesty, Obamacare until there was abortion in it, etc.)....In my shyness, I'm quite a strong personality, I know these are my weaknesses...and they must change if I was to pursue a vocation to the priesthood again...

Yes, I am also very docile at times, sometimes too much so. Yes, I'm a firm believer if you're going to do something, then one must do so well. Surely I do sing the epistle at Divine Liturgy, but I do love God and so out of justice these things happen.

I definitely did think that if I was to become a priest, I would be bi-ritual doing both the Byzantine Liturgy and the Roman Liturgy. I've had a love for both forms of the Liturgy for quite a while now.

If it's in God's will that I become a priest it will happen, but for now, my life although not perfect by any means, I'm at peace with whatever God's will is. As always I do ask for your prayers, and thank you sincerely for compliments given...

Pax Vobis

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