11 December 2013

Evangelii Gaudium thoughts

With upcoming final exams, and my upcoming vacation...I realize that I'm not going to have the time to analyze every paragraph as I'd like, or perhaps I'll get back to it at a later date....but I'll summarize my thoughts in my own "exhortation form" ...modeled, but not the same as Christi Gaudium

1) Any resemblance to the real thing is merely a coincidence
2) It is not my fault that the real thing was too long.




The joy of Truth fills the hearts and minds of all who accept the Gospel, receive the Sacrament of Baptism and are bonded intimately to the Holy Church of God, the Mystical Body of Christ, the Holy Catholic Church. 

The conditions of society are always in flux, but the mission of the Church is simple "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them all that I have commanded of you" (cf Matt 28, 19-20)

The Gospel is to be preached to everyone, those that are in false religions (Islam, Judaism, etc), those who do not know religion (atheism, agnostics, etc). Everyone has a right to hear and know the Truth of the Catholic Church, absolutely no one is to be excluded. 

A decentralized Church can't work unless the Bishops', the Pope included teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, un-edited, without fear of offending people, or follow the Liturgical and Canonical laws of the Church. The Bishops' can't support specific policies on prudential judgement, and expect that the faithful listen to them when it counts on actual matters of Faith and morals. Since the Bishops' misuse what little authority they already have, the Holy See will not in any way delegate to local Bishops' conferences power on doctrine. Christ established Peter as the head of the Church (cf Matt 16, 18) ...and while how this headship has been exercised has varied over the centuries, It is Peter who is to confirm the faith of his brethren and take charge of matters in the Church (cf Jn 17)...Jesus did not give the other apostles' the keys and the successors of Peter have no power to change the words of Christ. 

Any ministry must faithfully transmit the Catholic Faith, in its entirety, must firstly begin in the Worship of Almighty God, through the Church's Liturgy. The Liturgical Laws are to be strictly obeyed as to make the personality of the person disappear, and Christ truly present. The Liturgy is to be mysterious and covey heaven on earth. All banal songs are forbidden from Liturgy. In the Roman Church Gregorian chant is to be executed at all Masses. No longer will there be low Masses on Sundays, and Solemnities....God by the virtue of Justice is due supreme Worship, and so we will give unto Him what is rightly due. We will copy from our Eastern brethren the concept of singing the entire Liturgy. Going to Mass is meritorious in of itself, but our Love for God, needs to correspond to the love of neighbor. 

The little traditions that we do to help us to remind us of Christ should be maintained, and fully explained as for future generations to deeply appreciate the fullness of the Catholic Faith. 

The Church as founded by Christ Jesus is the Fullness of Truth, and is not merely one amongst many. As the Church founded by God himself, she has a right to proclaim the Truths of the Gospel, and call everyone to live out these Truths in daily society. She however loses credibility when she comes out in support of specific policy measures where the laity have more expertise than the pastors of these souls. 

The responsibility of the hierarchy is to lead all souls to heaven. This can't be done when the Truths of the Church are half-preached, or ignored in their entirety. People will leave to go where the Truth is being taught because the Truth in of itself is attractive. This failure to preach the Truth of Christ wounds Christ as He desires everyone to be in union with His Bride the Catholic Church. 

All of the problems in the world are due to the weakness of us not living our Faith to the fullness that we should. Whether it's abortion, sodomite marriage, or unemployment and hunger, all of these are due to the fact that Catholics do not live out their Faith correctly and to the fullest potential. Some points to consider in an economic situation

1) Any economic system requires moral people to run the system. Otherwise it will tend towards corruption because of original sin (or loss of grace)
2) It is a work of mercy to feed the poor. Christ does not say how this is best to be accomplished. If you figure a way that works, great.
3) Problems are best solved at the local level.
4) Abortion, sodomy can never be supported for any reason, period. 
5) Everything that we have is a gift from God, and it is our duty out of our own free will to share this with others without coercion.
6) One can't give to others what one has rightfully earned. 

With this in mind, the Church with Joy calls everyone unto herself through the sanctifying waters Baptism to participate in the Life of Grace with assistance through the gifts of the Holy Spirit...to teach the Truth to the ends of the earth, for all eternity Amen. 

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