05 July 2013

So I hear 2 Popes will get canonized and there was an encyclical

a. On the official canonizations Pope JPII, and John XIII

I'm afraid this is going to be used by those that subscribe to the hermeneutic of rupture to justify virtually anything (in particular JPII). So thus, if you see lots of Koran kissing, and Assisi meetings in repeat....As I've stated before, I do believe that JPII is a saintly person, I simply think not enough time has passed between his death for the cult of personality behind him to subsist and his life be looked at from an objective point of view....Fortunately as Catholics we have a variety of intercessors, it is not necessary to use all of them....St Tatyana, ora pro nobis

As for Pope John XIII, I wasn't around then...I have nothing to say.

b. The encyclical released on Faith

I will give commentary at a later time, outside the additions, so far from what I've read, I like it.

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