27 July 2013

Dr Potillor, perhaps so....

As I'm sure many of you know that my view on glorified pieces of paper (aka college degrees) is a rather slim one. Pieces of paper do not tell what you know, but rather that one can put up with a liberal establishment long enough to get your name printed on a piece of paper :)

That said, If I was ever to pursue a Ph.D....it'd be either at this school or this one

And some have asked, why in the world would I go to Belarus for my Ph.D? Well, allow me answer

1) Because the easy way wouldn't be fun

My mother always said about me that I do things the hard way....that I never liked shortcuts, alas that's still true...(Mom's wish is that I went to Notre Dame)...thought about it....but Notre Dame is probably not very Catholic now is it?....I mean there's always the other Notre Dame University....

2) The following pictures

3) The research topic

Since I keep it in my mind to do 1 physics problem per day to keep my mind occupied, my love of optics is coming back, and I'm realizing there were some topics that I thought about doing, (but I ended up doing something different, maybe now is the time to pick up the topic....

Do pray for me though...First to actually talk with the profs about their research :)

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