23 July 2013

on WYD and a few other things

a. Apparently, there's some kind of World Youth Day going on in Brazil...

To be perfectly honest, I've always found attempts to "make things relevant" rather revolting, because they do not let the truth or the beauty of the subject at hand do the attracting. To paraphrase Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI "The Truth itself is attractive" ...The Truth doesn't need to be relevant for today, the Truth always is, and does not change...while we certainly don't need sour faced saints...and we certainly need saints in today's culture, I think that the culture needs to conform to the Trth, not the other way around.

b. Speaking of our Liturgically emancipated Pontiff (his words not mine)

I don't dare tune in for the Liturgies that are being celebrated at WYD....The Liturgy  is a given, not something to be "emancipated" from...without the Worship that is due unto God correctly, everything else falls out of order....Kyrie eleison....

c. Also some kind of rioting has been happening too

Rioting makes anyone, and those who support them look like incompetent fools..and that's being kind. It is one thing to disagree with something that goes on in society whether it be a trial verdict, an action done by corrupt cops, or various other things, it is another to destroy public property...Display disgust, but in an orderly and peaceful fashion, please! I'm not going to lie, I have been embarrassed by the actions of the riots that have taken place by people...it sickens me.

d. First world problems

When payday is next week, and one needs to be in California this week :)

Pax Vobis

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