03 July 2011

Things I thought were obvious

a. Since it's not guaranteed that a person will say yes, a person does not have a right to be married. Since there are conditions to be met, a person does not have a right to be married. Something that has conditions or that is not directly deigned by God Himself, is not a right. Though Marriage is deigned by God, it's not a guarantee, it's a vocation. And the party is not obligated to say yes. Therefore a right it is not.

b. The Truth in of itself is attractive. Nothing needs to be altered. When the Church tries to make itself relevant, the opposite effect of what it intends always ends up happening. This goes for Teen Masses, or any modern attempts at fixing something that isn't broken. Why don't we try using God's words at Mass instead of ours (aka the actual propers of the Mass vs. hymns), why don't we try NOT Pouring the Precious Blood after the consecration, heck, why don't we just try being Catholic, it's so much easier.

c. The original song is 95% of the time better than the cover or the re-mix. It should be illegal to re-do songs that are currently out. (aka < 2 years or less). Trying to out do the original, not a good idea. Just give up :)

d. The Holy Father is showing us by example what to do, why don't we follow? It just makes sense. Nothing that he's doing is contrary to the Liturgical mind of Holy Roman Church, just do it. Crucifix on the altar, communion kneeling and on the tongue, the actual propers for Mass, Gregorian Chant, Latin, you know all the things the 2nd Vatican Council called for.

But since all these things make way too much sense, they're not going to happen, alas, time to watch the world destroy itself *sits and gets popcorn*

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