06 July 2011

A different take on Fr Corapi

In my own experience of living religious life, I can tell you that living in community is draining. (It's no wonder religious life is purgatory on earth). Now this doesn't at all mean anything bad about the community I lived with, I loved them, if anything it's a reflection of my personality. I don't like hanging around large groups of people, I tend to be easily drained by large groups of people. To counteract that, I'll withdraw from people to get my isolation time in. That was something that was difficult for me to really live, though I can get along with anyone who I talk with (in general).

Something to perhaps consider is that Fr Corapi lived outside of his community, and perhaps didn't want to be in community because maybe living with that many people would be draining towards him. From what it would seem, at least from watching him on EWTN all these years, he seemed to like the attention and the spotlight on him. From the outside looking in he seemed very extroverted in his interaction with people. (Bear in mind that extroversion does not necessarily mean that one needs to like people, it's how one deals with thoughts and processes, it is completely possible to be an extrovert and completely shy). Perhaps the starting of the media company was a cover for the actual reason Fr Corapi did not want to live in community, I don't know, I'm just speculating with my own thoughts.

I really do believe that there is a solution for just about every problem. (Even no solution is a solution, technically, the proper mathematical term would be no answer, solution is all of the work involved).

It definitely was not a smart idea for Fr Corapi to live alone considering his past, and conversion does not eliminate temptation. It would have been a good idea for a brother priest or a non-clerical brother to live with Fr Corapi, just so that he wasn't alone and succumbing to temptation would be a bit more difficult. Now would this have eliminated the succumbing to temptation, absolutely not!

My friend Fr Erik of Orthometer on his bog states a few thoughts, well worth reading
Also the Bp Emeritus of his diocese has thoughts here

I agree with both of the posts that I've linked here...but back to my point that I was making. There are some that would think that living in community would be a solution, perhaps not. What I do think was missing was accountability. He should never have been allowed to live alone. (Notice I did not say away from the community).

I can only say that this could have been handled internally much better. Especially for a figure with the cult of personality attatched to him, there's a hard line which should be avoided, it puts a black eye for everyone involved.

Prayers for everyone involved, and also while you're at it, pray that I don't fall into the temptation as well.

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