21 July 2011

My open letter to trad Caths...and of their like

Chances are you'll never read this letter as it's on the most unimportant blog on the internet. Off the chance that you happen to come across this letter, here are a few thoughts for consideration. 

a. The same arguments and the same debates get quite annoying. Whether you're talking about the mistakes of Bl. JP II, validity of the NO, or how the Church was supposedly pre-Vatican II, hearing the same message becomes very bland after a while....lest you get on my nerves again, here's a reality check.

1. There are 2 that are perfect: Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Every other Saint screwed up at some point. No Saint has the charism of infalibility. Lest you be confused, St Augustine was a Manacheist before his conversion to the True Faith. Yes, JP II did some questionable things the litany could go on for a while. He was a sagnuine and an extrovert. (To translate that for you traddies, it means he was a huge people person and tried to please people to a fault). None of us are in the condition to judge his heart. Observing from the outside of his personality type, I'm quite sure that he did not intend to offend anyone. It doesn't make sense to most people...especially to myself as a heavy introvert and meloncholic. The Church has spoken of him as Blessed. This is not an infallible decison as has been made clear by the Pope cutting down majorly on his celebration of beatifications, yet if you're going to sit and complain about this, you're wasting your time. If you don't like it, don't pray to him, plain and simple...there are plenty of Saints to pray to, pick one. 

2. All the conspiracy theories about the NO are quite annoying as well. Newsflash, if it was a protestant Missal,  the Missal wouldn't be valid. The Church has no ability to proclaim invalid Sacraments. Something to think about, The Sacrifice of the Mass is still there IN SPITE of what Bugnini and crew tried to do. The NO is seldom done to the highest degree of solemnity it should be. The Scriptual Propers are unfortunately not used in 99.99% of NO Masses, hence by de facto anthrocentric Mass. I'd love to tell you that the NO is going to disappear, but at this moment in time it isn't. Instead of complaining, do something about it. Bring what the Holy Father is doing to your parish. Get to kneeling, praying, and gradually get things to this point. You don't boil a frog by immediately placing him in hot water don't you? See what our Holy Father has done, gradually changing things from 2005-to now. Things don't change overnight...get some patience, or buy some on e-bay.

3. If you think there was 100% obedience before Vatican II, newsflash you're wrong about that too. There's this thing called media and modern technology which makes it seem like disobedience is running rampant. People didn't listen then either. Remember Judas Iscariot was a validly ordained Bishop, and we do suffer from concupiscene. There will always be those that try to thwart the Church. Just look at the sex-abuse scandal to see that things weren't perfect pre-Vatican II. The 15th century ended a long time ago. It's the 21st century now. The Church need not change, and I do agree she does need to get back to the things that worked, modern gimmicks aren't really cutting it. Things will be perfect if we God willing reach heaven. Now in the mean time, pray, hope, and shut up. The TLM didn't solve all of our problems then, and it won't solve all of our problems now. 

b. Quit trying to be a jack of all trades...stick to what you're good (or not so good) at

1. As a physicist, my curiosity with the natural order of the world, I'm always listening to various things. I must say it makes me laugh when I hear people (in particular certain trads) say that the sun revolves around the earth. (Yes, there are people that still believe that)...a. The Church Fathers are NOT infallible on this issue. b. The laws of physics are the same regardless of reference frames. c. and most important of all. Fr. Coparnicus was never condemned as a heretic. The problem wasn't that Gallileo was wrong, but that he crossed the line between science and theology and didn't have proof for his arguments. Now, that said, the earth was created before the Sun, but what is not stated is where the earth is placed on a system of axis. The sun being center of the universe, or not, is irrelevant to our salvation. Don't argue over it. 

2. While I promote modesty in dress, I will not go to the extreme position and say that pants are intrinsically evil and should never be worn by females. Fashion evolves and changes. The important thing is modesty, both interior and exterior. I've seen dresses worn immodestly, as well as pants done modestly. 

All that said, pray for me, I'll pray for you...we all need it. 

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