10 July 2016

The Rant to end all rants…or something to that degree, save all questions, comments or concerns for the end of the rant.

I do not often use this as a social media pulpit (my thought being, if one wishes to change society, one should do so in actual society, working through the legislative, and social processes that we do have)….You’ll have to bear with this rant, because I’m covering a lot of material in one post, so if you’re ready, here we go...

a. The ends do not justify the means….

In short, one can’t do evil to achieve a good, or one can’t do something bad to achieve a good. Rioting just because someone disagrees with a policy or the actions of a few within the whole, not only does it make one look extremely reckless, but it confirms any preconceived notions that people who are racist have. (Aka, one is making them look correct). A person with any kind of preconceived notions more often times than not will not be convinced by logic. In order to reach hearts, one must destroy any preconceived notions in short, by showing them not to be true. If someone tends to think a particular group of people are savages, or whine and complain a bit too much when things don’t go their way, and they do this constantly, this confirms what is already believed. However, if one is able to show the opposite of what these notions, over time, perhaps it’s not a fruit that one will live to see, but it will be in another generation, thoughts will be softened as to be open to different ideas about people.

To extend this to events of recent times. Is it entirely possible that the approach some of these movements take undermine the very arguments they are trying to make? I definitely think this is the case. If one has a problem with the local police, why make a media circus out of it? Why not ask questions, and ask, why these policies are done, or why these things are happening? It seems to me, a matter of subisidarity that before reaching for the big hammer that is the media pulpit, one should seek to solve problems on the local level. For the things that happen locally, are not necessarily a reflection of a national trend one way or the other. Do we not as a society believe that people are innocent until proven guilty? Seems to me now, the opposite is true, every time an event comes up, a certain group absolutely has to play victim, whine, complain, and suddlenly, whala, complaining gets transformed into something that punishes the people that are innocent of any wrongdoing, instead of actually going after the source of the problem. 

Does all this mean that problems do not exist within society? Of course not, people would be foolish to think that society and their relations with the various forms of authority is perfect. But these problems aren’t as magnified as they’re made out to be more often times than not. Alas, man has ancestral sin, which leads to tons of problems. But the few bad eggs of movements, religions, authority figures, etc, does not imply that everyone is like that. 

It seems to me people fall into two traps….one that tends to throw out the baby with the bathwater, the other is them ignoring the elephant that’s in the room. 

For example, some people are not a fan of Trump saying, let’s deal with the problem of illegal immigration, and terrorism by deporting illegals, and temporarily banning muslims from the country. The first extreme is that people start painting with a brush as wide as the world, that anyone who supports such concerns is automatically racist (insert your favourite buzzword here), or does not have a heart to care about people. The second extreme is that people sometimes tend to say there’s absolutely no problem at all, and we can just let everyone in, no matter what. Problem is of course both extremes are wrong. The solution is somewhere in the middle, the part that does not punish those that are innocent, and the part that only deals with the extreme element of terrorism (Islam is not all like Christianity, there is no Pope to speak for them, to really identify who is an orthodox muslim and who isn’t….practices can vary from mosque to mosque….imam to imam) (I’m quite thankful to my muslim friends who rightly condemn terrorism acts and this kind of foolishness)…..Of course it’s also true that 10%-20% (the alleged element of extremists) of a billion is 100 000 000 - 200 000 000, it’s not something that can be treated lightly….Yes, it’s true that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, (aka, we don’t need to go around assuming Muslims are terrorists)…but it’s also not horrible to be concerned about activity and seek to find a solution for it. Really, if you want my opinion (you’re getting it anyway) it’s a problem Islam needs to solve for itself on a massive scale. 

b. love is not love….I blame English

Objectively, the love one has for things is not equal or the same, by virtue of the fact that things are different. The love that one has for an animal is different than one has for a human. (Yes, I understand that some people like animals, (in particular cats in my case) more than humans, because the humans often times emit stupidity to levels that one can’t often control. Other languages have more than one expression for love, and can use it to describe different things, depending on the situation. As I’m often known for saying, I love everyone, not necessarily equally, some I love a bit more than others. I know there’s a tendency to equate things that are not equal in the first place. But alas, I’m afraid that’s quite a big misunderstanding of how equality works….both mathematically and within the realm of the physical. As we know, the equal sign does not imply that two sides are physically the same thing, only their mathematical equivalence. (For a physical and mathematical equivalence one would use the defined as symbol instead of the equal sign, for example impulse is defined as the change in momentum. Or Kinetic energy is defined as ½ mass times speed squared.) So no, love is not love, no matter how hard one tries to make it the same….Please quit trying to make them the same….the minute that you do, you’ll be able to solve ln x = e^x using algebra alone in real numbers :p

c. The Just-us system (™)

It’s amazing what would get you and I put in the slammer for life, the government official gets off scot free much of the time. Why is this? Well, absolute power corrupts absolutely. One can’t tell me they trust the “best run criminal enterprise in world history” ™  to be fair, when it won’t even prosecute itself during its own wrongdoing (in this case Hillary i was president when Bill was too busy checking out Monica’s chest Clinton) We have a situation where the government is absolutely accountable to no one except itself. If it isn’t obvious there needs to be a solution to this problem (in the form of both congress and state legislatures to be able to override decisions of the federal government’s other branches, I don’t know what is. I don’t even want to call it corrupt, it’s right in front of us….they’re not being sneaky, I don’t even think words can describe what’s going on. 

d. Sometimes, words can’t express things

Really, it’s true, and for me, often times than not, words do not express what goes on in my head. (Those of you that are victims of the death glare, probably can testify to this point). I will take my dear time when it comes to finding my voice. (just a tad bit of an OCD perfectionist :p)….but once I find it, all hell breaks loose :D…..

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