30 July 2016

30 questions about church

30 Church questions: 

  1. Favourite Saint? Ss: Therese of Leisiux, St Tatyana of Rome, Cyril and Methodius
  2. Favourite Liturgical Season? Easter Season
  3. Favourite Theologian of the past? St Simeon the New Theologian
  4. Favourite Theologian of today? Pope Benedict XVI
  5. Novus Ordo or Ad Orientem? Liturgy of St John Chrysostom which is already celebrated Ad Orientem
  6. Latin or Vernacular? Neither, Church Slavonic ;)
  7. Favourite book of the Bible? Numbers
  8. Favourite Hymn of Advent? I don’t have one
  9. Favourite Hymn of Christmas? God the Lord Eternal
  10. Favourite Hymn of Lent? I don’t have one
  11. Favourite Hymn of Easter? Christos Voskres
  12. Favourite Pope? Pope Benedict XVI
  13. Favourite Theology book? The Philiokalia
  14. Favourite Hymn to Our Lady? Mary, Look upon us
  15. Favourite Gregorian chant? The introit of Epiphany
  16. Favourite Hymn of Ordinary Time? How’s Sunday after Pentecost? :p O Holy Spirit
  17. Favourite Mysteries of the Rosary? Sorrowful
  18. Do you pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy? On various occasions
  19. Do you pray the chaplet of St Michael? No, I do not.
  20. Favourite Litany? The Litany of Peace
  21. Favourite Feast day? Pascha and St Therese day
  22. Is your church’s Tabernacle behind the altar or off to the side? Neither, it’s on the altar, in most Eastern churches, the Tabernacle is on the altar of sacrifice, we do not separate them.
  23. Favourite Devotion: the chyotki, Jesus prayer
  24. Favourite Title of Our Lady: Theotokos of Kazan
  25. Person I want canonised soon? Bl Theodore
  26. Favourite Psalm? 51
  27. Favourite Bible verse? Ps 68, 1
  28. Date of Baptism: Oct 17
  29. Date of Confirmation: May 22
  30. Name 5 things you would do if you were Pope? a. restore full rights and privileges to all Eastern Catholic churches (aka allowing Eastern synods to name their own bishops and do their own canonisations) b. put eastern rites fully under eastern bishops. c. revoke the communion in the hand and standing for communion in the western churches indult. d. dissolve Bishops’ conferences. e. give official patriarch status to the UGCC Major Archbishop. 

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