21 January 2016

The good, the bad, the ugly

The Good:

Archbishop Gomez will be offering a Pontifical High Mass, EF for the Tuesday after Pentecost May 31st, info here...I can only say, what a change of times in the archdiocese...

The bad:

Once again, the ends, justify the means, this time, it's liturgical disobedience...I suppose it's nice that HH changed the law so that he's no longer breaking it, but, the arrogance to not do so before the first time probably has me irked more than anything...this has a good explanation as to why this is not a good idea

In the East, the mandatum is done by the Bishop, so this is really not an issue that comes down to the parish level. Fortunately, for the sake of humility...there's always the skip the mandatum option. ;)

The Ugly:

There's still not a good presidential candidate out there...Grumpy cat it shall be.

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