07 January 2016

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and every thing else I forgot to say within the realm of this thing called life :p

Hello dear readers, unfortunately it's been quite a while since I have been here. Much has been going on that I haven't really had the time to seriously sit and write here all that much....a few orders of business...we'll get to the serious things first..

a. Prayers for my uncle. He's been in the hospital for the past few weeks, and while things are not necessarily dire, they are quite serious, and he's gone back into serious condition. Do pray for him.

b. Do pray for myself, as there are many responsibilities that I have now taken on, and it's quite hard for one person to do them all, so that would be very appreciative.

Now that the prayer requests are out of the way, we can get onto the more fun topics in this post.

1. Old Year reflections:

  • 2015 at least ended well. Love found its way in apparently, and it's going rather well. (Do pray for the lady, yes, things are serious :))
  • I admit, I've paid absolutely zero attention to the circus in Rome right now. But I'm glad that Mother Teresa is being canonized. She was not perfect, but since when was canonization a process for the perfect?
  • There's been much time for spiritual growth and learning, this has definitely been a good thing.
  • Though a particular event happened this year that will forever haunt this particular person, I suppose the appropriate response wouldn't be go Russian physicist on this event :p.
2. New Year's "Resolutions"

  • To keep this blog much more up to date...unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of updating. :)
  • To continue to not pay attention to circ de Roma...the principle of subsidiarity is really helping here. Our Faith should not be dependent on the occupant in the chair of Peter....things are a little rough right now, but let our hearts not be troubled. (This of course does not mean we should not be praying for our Holy Father, we definitely should be)
  • To be more "social" on social media outlets...but rest assured, I'll still be me...No, I won't be putting up the latest trends, or giving you updates on the world of the talentless, but good things (with my usual commentary)
I'll keep this short, but I hope that all of you have had a joyous (and continuously joyful) Christmas season. Until tomorrow

Pax Vobis

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  1. Your uncle, your lady and yourself are in my prayers! God Bless you and your 2016!


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