23 December 2014

The 15 insults...I mean diseases of the Roman Curia...and my thoughts

I know from my own experiences that blasting everyone doesn't work. I do know that addressing specific needs with those that you have issues with typically works better. Humans are complex creatures and should perhaps be treated as such...On that thought comes these gems from the Holy Father, probably enough to make a volume 2 of the book of insults

So let's go through these point by point.

1. The disease of feeling 'immortal' or 'essential'

Feelings are subjective, and it is true that this can be a form of pride in the sense that one could feel immovable or important. But it is also true that every piece of the puzzle is important, even the most minor of pieces. So as a result everyone should feel important because all jobs need to be done with care and dignity.

Applicable to us, sure, especially when we're young, we do tend to think that we're invincible. Our final end, sometimes we tend to not think about. Perhaps we should spend more time mediating upon these things, rather than thinking that we're invincible.

2. The disease of excessive activity

Well, yes, there are some that make themselves too busy and take on too much, surely...however, what about those that use busyness as an anti-dote to sloth? I know this is true for me, To avoid being slothful, I give myself things to do, even if they're not important. The struggle for holiness is real folks, and some of us have to battle it in very specific ways.

Of course we should try to reach a balance with these things, our activity and our rest. God rested, as such, we should rest too. It's good for the soul to relax, but 24/7 relaxing is bad, and 24/7 working is bad too, a balance must be found...but if one is given 1000's of things to do, one should either do them or delegate.

3. The diseases of mental and spiritual petrification

It is true that we're not robots, and we do have emotions, and we should probably use them. It is also true that a holy indifference is needed to be able to analyze things objectively. This does not mean that we don't empathize when called, or what not, but does mean in order to be able to help people that one can't be too invested in the situation. There's a reason I believe that everyone should have a spiritual director. To be able to look at ourselves with an objective eye, sometimes the outside looking in can see things that inside looking out can't.

I don't know if I can agree to it being a loss of internal peace, for peace is a state of being, not an emotion. I can be peaceful within the context of what I'm working on, even if I take on a machine like behaviour. Like I alluded to in the 2nd point, things do need to get done, and there can be times and places for everything that's needed. A laser like focus is sometimes needed to get work done. It's not that we "don't care".

4 and 5. The diseases of over- planning and bad coordination

Not necessarily every moment is that of the Holy Spirit, or necessarily of the Devil. Why do we plan to the greatest detail? Is to "avoid" promptings of the Spirit? No, of course not....Rather it's because being prepared for every situation makes things go smoother. To under- plan would lead to bad coordination. In order to run anything smoothly, everyone needs to be on the same page. This is why we plan, to keep everyone on the same page to work or get a job done. There's a heresy of formlessness because God is True Order itself. Now if plans don't go according to how they're written that's okay, it's not the end of the world, let's not make idols out of the schedule.

6. The disease of Spiritual Alzheimer's

The Spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak. I really have nothing to say on this one. Sometimes we do tend to forget that sin is a bad thing, and we should avoid it at all costs. Speaking in this subjective encounter with the Lord, we receive Him in Holy Communion, what greater encounter is there than this? That said, is always one of those happy joy joy, feel good moments? Of course not! I don't necessarily "feel" anything. To those that are given the gift of consolation great! But for most of us, that gift is not given...so it can definitely be easy to forget these things.

7. The disease of rivalry and vainglory

It is a good to be competitive and to try and do things well. However for maters within the Church, we don't do things for worldly accolades and vanity, we do them for the love of God, so again, I have nothing really to say on this point

8, 11, 12, and 14. The diseases of external schizophrenia, indifference to others, funeral face and closed circles.

These are the insults to introverts and to those of us that are reserve in our nature by not expressing our emotions one way or another (as a normal exercise)

Not everyone is called to "work with the people" or "walk a mile in their shoes" There are some that are called to the cloister or to be away from the daily struggle. Sometimes these people are dragged from where they're called for *insert reason here* and somehow have to make the best of the situation that they find themselves in. Some people are flat out reserve, and it's not that they're indifferent to other people, maybe the total opposite is true, they do actually care, but they show that care privately versus publicly. We can't smile in all situations, I think it'd be rather inappropriate if a person is getting shot to be smiling...If people are showing sad face, or a funeral face, one should probably ask what's going on...but perhaps it's just how they wish to express themselves. I know for myself, I'm reserve and I don't show my emotion always, I didn't realize being so would be condemned :p. The introverted or reserve person sometimes do tend to keep their circles close. It's no because we hate people, but giving trust is difficult for us, so as a result, yes, the circle is closed. There's no such thing as an open circle ;)

9 and 10. The diseases of "gossip and chatter" and defying the leaders

Well, here's a strange idea...watch what you say. If you don't wish to be spoken of, don't say anything in such a way that will be used against you. Don't pursue agendas that are contrary to the Truth, then you won't be defied. It's really simple, but no, people have to make things complicated don't they? Think twice, speak once....limit off the cuff comments when possible.

13 and 15. The diseases of hoarding and worldly profit and exhibitionism

Yes, having too much stuff is a bad thing (except for kittens and books)...it's true one should not be a materialist....or even do things for money, but rather for the love of God.

Exhibitionism, however, is a bit much. Yes, there are some that do wear the cuppa magna (Read Cardinal Burke, Bp Schneider, Cardinal Ranjith)...yes, these things do represent the world....they should. Then one strips off the world, and puts on a new creation in Christ. (the symbolism of the vestments by the way)...the cassock is street clothing...one puts on the armor of God. It's not exhibitionism to know this theology and to live it. It is not a form of pride to wear what was donated. If anything it's an exhibitionism to NOT wear these things because one is showing one's own tastes are greater than what is given to oneself.

Pax Vobis

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