22 December 2014

Everyone's lives matter...

Lately, no thanks to the various events that have happened, there's been this move for different hashtags such as #Blacklivesmatter #Policelivesmatter #Whitelivesmatter, etc.

I'm sorry, but all of these are wrong!. Everyone's lives matter. From the kid with down syndrome, to the elderly person who can barely walk and on their last breath. Everyone's lives matter. Every single person that exists on the face of the planet has a dignity that is equal.

It is perhaps a symptom of the culture at large that seems to place agenda and politics above humanity.

The thing is that NONE of the events should have happened in the first place. None of the events surrounding the events should have happened either...

Forgive me for being a bit angry, but when we're treating mere symptoms of a deeper problem, there's no way in heck a simple so called social media event is really going to do anything. And then on top of this we have athletes using activities of recreation trying to get into the agenda war too.

A little course in common sense is what I have to offer today...here's how it goes.

1) Follow legitimate orders and instructions....That is to say, if someone's telling you to get out the street, it's probably a good idea to listen. This does not mean allowing people to abuse their authority, this is why I qualified this statement. Clearly for example someone is trying to rape you, or steal something that is rightfully yours, by all means do not listen to this.

2) Don't act like complete idiots when things don't go your way: Rioting drives up the costs of items in the local area and makes problems even worse than they already are because now more resources must be used. If you're one to not trust cops, guess what, there's going to be MORE of them when you riot. So now you've made your problem worse. If you disagree with something, go through the proper channels for recourse...Make an appeal, file a new suit, but don't vandalize property like baboons.

3) Don't expect others to uphold the law, if you don't uphold it yourself. If you want people to not suspect an uneven playing field, apply the law equally, to those rich, and to those that are poor.  Do not let people buy off the justice system....

4) Don't act in a way that will make others suspicious, or lead to stereotyping...here's a strange idea, instead of robbing a store, selling cigarettes, acting like a gangster...umm, don't. If you don't break the law, you won't be bothered. A friendly reminder to those enforcing the various laws, all people are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent...Now if it happens that a person of *insert race here* does a crime, and the cops make their search more specific based upon this information, it is profiling, don't get me wrong, but if *insert race here* did not commit this particular crime, why should they even be looked at?

Everyone's lives matter, period. Everyone's lives matter, no person should die so that you might live as you wish. And no, just because an injustice was done does not give you a right to take justice into your own hands. Killing cops is just as wrong as killing innocent people....Enough with the stupidity, enough!

Pax Vobis

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