04 August 2014

Some words still ring in my head

I must say, I rather hate compliments...it's not about me personally...maybe it's just me being ridiculously shy and attention not being my main motive for the things that I do...

Yesterday after serving Divine Liturgy for the first time (from behind the iconostasis (though we don't have one at Annunciation....yet)...during the social time, a lady approached me and said "you belong on the altar"...I don't know if it's something about me personally (I'm not trying to be noticed)...or something about a presence...(I get plenty of compliments after serving Liturgy regardless of form)

Today in the OF it is the feast of St John Vianney...he struggled with Latin, but somehow he got ordained and was the instrument God used to convert the town of Ars. Of course since we're in the middle of the Dormition fast in the Paraclisis we pray "O Favored Virgin, you drive away the temptations and the sudden attacks of my passions, so I sing your praises forever and ever."

So as often it seems there's quite temptations to think that maybe there something isn't there. Unless we wish to be ridiculously stubborn, I do not think God takes away a vocation once the seeds are planted....

The words of my former SD are ringing in my head..."you will be ordained, this is just a roadblock" I often say that working with me can be like working with diamond. I don't break easily....Do pray for me, pray hard for me....Thank you!

Pax Vobis

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