01 February 2014

Weekend musings

  • I hear there's a football game tomorrow. I the avid sports person that I am will be watching. Apparently since I'm in seachicken territory, I'm supposed to root for Seattle...however as we all know, I only root for the Seattle baseball team...go Broncos...That said, it is of course a business, and while we shouldn't be envious of their profits....they should be able to carry their own weight.
  • Many people are trying to say Pope Francis isn't a liberal: too late, damage is already done...or as I've said, he's not really on either side of the debate...but these words still apply:

"It’s nice, but too little too late…Although the Pope may very well be fine doctrinally, etc, the perception that he isn’t has caused more damage than if he actually were to change anything (which of course he can’t do). Perception might not be reality at times, but the perception often is worse.
It does not bring anyone joy to point out things with Pope Francis, One can’t pretend that things are all unicorns, sunshine and rainbows, when they’re not. Pope Francis does say things that are good and solid, at the same time he doesn’t. Praise where praise is due, correction, where correction is due…but the vast majority of time it’s the latter rather than the former, whether it’s the “who am I to judge” (TM) , “little monsters” (TM) , intentionally disobeying Holy Thursday rubrics, or “the miracle is a sharing” when referring to the feeding of the 5 000. Not nipping things before they get worse always undercuts whatever authority or intention someone is trying to do. Especially for the Pope.
It’s good to not despair or constantly focus on the negative things, it’s quite taxing. As I like to say, while I’m not as far to the right as the traditional blogs in their criticisms of Pope Francis. (I genuinely think he doesn’t know), I’m not in the super sunshine and rainbows camp of the lefties either. It’s a day by day thing.
Let us pray for our Holy Father Francis, Pope of Rome, Lord have mercy."

  • You know something I really can't stand, when people complain behind my back. I guess people think that they're going to offend me...well, they're right. It's better to offend me, deal with the wrath that comes with the particular situation, then seek forgiveness, rather than hide one's opinions....me find out, and be even angrier than I would have been if one just told me. And people wonder why I'm not a fan of people :p
  • I remember when there weren't ads on youtube.....it was better then
  • Penitential kneeling is forbidden on Sundays, kneeling in Adoration is not. The primary use of kneeling in the West is Adoration. The primary use of kneeling (prostrations) in the east is Penance...both traditions should be respected and left within their respective traditions and not imposed on each other.
  • These words were very comforting....I only hope that when the time comes that all of us have the grace to stand up like our St Ignatius of Antioch
  • The problem with so many statements today is that they frame the subjective ahead of the objective piece. This is backwards as to the way things should be framed. Application only comes after knowing what the law is. This applies to not just matters political. 
  • I've heard it's good to look at cute things...so here's 5 min of cute...don't die

  • As always, Pax Vobis

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