27 February 2014

some comments on CMTV manifesto

Here, CMTV gives a manifesto on their own criticism (or lack their of) of Pope Francis

minor point that they get wrong; that said, I agree with the substance of what they're trying to say

  • The SSPX are not sedevacantists (the SSPV however, are)
  • I would not say that the Remnant, and Catholic Family News are allegedly faithful
The thing about reading the traditional blogs, they are 99% of time on the point substantially about the points that they bring up. The vast majority aren't in-tune with the problems in the church (at least to this level) and I would agree that those with weak faith could very well lose their faith over reading the traditional blogs (and I comment on some frequently, and often times than not agree with them)

I must say it is rather addicting to tune into what will Pope Francis say next, often times these words have an unintended humor to them (at least the comments on the words do). In this sense while certainly no where near as evil as pornography....I can totally see the reference. Perhaps it would have been better to make an analogy to marble cake...too much probably a bad thing...but I wouldn't say the traditional blogs are an intrinsic evil which necessarily in of themselves need to be avoided, but I get the point....those with weak faith should avoid these...I absolutely agree.

They are most certainly not saying that the Pope isn't above criticism (he isn't....insofar as these things are done in charity, and not focused upon the person of Pope Francis, and rather focused upon objective criticisms, by no means is the Pope God, nor should he ever be exalted to that point). The point is that this is not the mission of CMTV...there are the rest of us that can do the criticizing...(always in charity of course)

Yes, I do sometimes think mountains are made out of molehills (the charism of infallibility is specific for a reason), and sometimes the media is to blame for the situation of Pope Francis, but there are times when the words themselves are a problem. Yes we can point them out, but always in charity, but it's not always necessary for every single thing that Pope Francis says. (The converse of everything being all sunshine and rainbows also holds true). As I've said before I'm not doom and gloom, but also not sunshine and rainbows on this pontificate either. 

We each have our mission, and CMTV has theirs, and for their mission they are doing a good job. They don't have to criticize Pope Francis to accomplish this....I've certainly tried here to keep the criticisms to a minimal...(hasn't always been successful)

Let us pray for Pope Francis (he needs it) and for all of us trying to be faithful to Holy Mother Church (it's not easy in these stormy times)

Pax Vobis


  1. That is why CMTV needs to be applauded. It is really a faithful and true traditionalist organization that avoids criticizing the pope and at the same time not sugar-coating anything that happens inside the Church. Besides that, CMTV produces material that helps strengthen the Faith and informative as well. I personally recommend CMTV and a site named FishEaters before reading any traddie blog. Many blogs of that brand, like mine, often seemed too.........much.

  2. Indeed so! The pope has a big enough cross as it is, we don't need to always contribute to it. (There are times when most certainly the pope doesn't help himself, but he's still the pope, so we do need to try and help him insofar as we can)....Though the interview today from Pope Francis....oh boy....we need to pray for him more


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