25 November 2013

Monday morning news...

a. Our prayers for our Holy Father are apparently working...but keep praying

Some articles, here, and here.

While we haven't seen a retraction of some of the confusing things that have come from Rome, there most certainly has been a change in tone lately, and hopefully this tone continues....and the actions match the tone that is spoken. I'm not going to be all giddy giddy, for a few good things do not necessarily mean that things have turned around. But it does seem that the Holy Father is getting the message about how he's speaking which I can't complain about because quite frankly, some of what has come has been atrocious.

As I've stated before, I believe that Francis should be able to stand on Francis' own words and not the words of Benedict XVI or anyone else, and if he can't stand on his own words, he needs to re-evaluate what is being said. I'm not sold on "Reading Francis through Benedict" (TM), but I'll say that it is encouraging to see explicit support from Pope Francis towards the mindset of his predecessor.

We of course must continue to pray for Our Holy Father, the enemies are out to get him, both from within and from outside of the Church. We need to pray that he does not flee from the wolves, and does something about them. :D

b. Sometimes, things are just better in Russian....Newton's Law page is an example...their page gives a much more orthodox explanation of Newton's Laws (though there are still a few pages to fix)...I'm presently working on doing the corrections to the English page.

c. I have recently began singing the epistle for St Cyril's. Your prayers would be awesome :)

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