18 November 2013

Anti-bullying...is it really about that, or about the sissification of children?

One way to find out I suppose...

Perhaps since all of this anti-bullying stuff seems to be a trend in modern culture...I should say the following:

In terms of what we'd now call "bullying" ...these things happened to me during school. I was picked on, had several things happen to me which I'd rather NOT discuss on the blog...I've received mean letters, people threaten to beat me up, been called several different names, mocked, etc. It most certainly wasn't pleasant, or desirable, but it happened.

This might be a harsh reality for some people to accept, but here it is: Children are harsh and typically don't have filters...You know they haven't learned exactly how to use said things yet...Children do ned to be taught.

Looking at this ought to help convey my thoughts better:

At what point do good intentions do more harm than good? In our attempt to protect kids, are we not doing more harm than good? Society isn't going to coddle them every time a problem comes up, and they will learn that people can be rather ruthless at times.

People will do anything to intimidate others in various situations, the things people will do to get a job, or take advantage of a system are endless...

The above said, this certainly doesn't mean that we shouldn't take steps to stop things that cross the line absolutely. No kid should have to worry about a death threat, or be in a situation where they have a substantial fear of something happening....But I will say this:

1) A person that places themselves out there, should not be surprised that people have reactions to what they are doing, or that a person has an opinion on it. So, thus if a person comes out as say a homosexual, people will react accordingly...It wouldn't have been a big deal, but once information is brought to the public arena, people will have a reaction one way or another. Certainly everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, but hey as the old saying goes, do not say anything one does no wish to have a reaction one way or another. (or rather, speak once, think twice)...and it works the same way when one says something such as "who am I to judge?" The words that are brought to the public square need to be carefully plotted....Yes, people do NOT need to say everything that's on their minds. No, people should NOT feel free to speak at will about everything....somethings are just none of our business :)

2) Anyone reading this who takes this as condoning the mistreatment of people is beside themselves. This is not the point, the point is while people do deserve respect and dignity...people do have to know when to speak, and when not to. It's not a matter of being afraid, it's a matter of knowing when to say and when not to say something. Some would call it prudence, I'd call it common sense. (Which is missing)

Surely, let us all promote a safe environment for kids to learn in, but let us also not sissify them in the process....and you bet I have some things to say about Common Core, but that is still in the works.

Pax Vobis

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