23 September 2013

Some people ask why? let me help

I was reflecting last night and I came to some thoughts.

Every time one goes to a parish, there are some parishes with a "peace and justice" ministry which we all know is code for anything but peace and justice. They actually do go out and help the poor, feed in the soup kitchens, do outreach and things like that....and yet, pretty much all of these parishes have atrocious liturgies (and that's being nice) and they're typically ran by Sr Mary Pants suit, or insert some person with liberal agenda here....

Is it any wonder why those that are in traditional circles are a bit put off by going to the outreaches? (Not to say that it should be this way) Associations matter for better or for worse....think about it: When the USCCB supports some DNC talking point, those of us that are in the conservative movement typically run away to the opposite point, whenever it's available. Or if Cardinal Mahony says x, one more than likely is to think y instead.

Rather unfortunately the liberals have "the poor" and it shouldn't be this way. Most certainly all of us should be involved in helping the poor. Which is why I don't think Pope Francis is completely wrong on this point....but then again for those of us who followed BXVI's teachings closely, we saw that these things went hand and hand together. That is to say, one must love God to have capacity to love neighbor, neither needs to be excluded....And like our dear Emeritus, didn't put much fan fare or attention to the love of neighbor, it came naturally from our love of God...You'd see us in prisons, helping the poor, but it's almost as if we're not there, because we let Christ shine through and not force the situation. Pope Benedict visited prisons several times, no attention was paid to them of course....Pope Benedict XVI also mentioned various things about immigration...no one ever noticed....for you see, these things came naturally from the love of God expressed highest through the Liturgy.

There is a self built wall by those on both sides....perhaps this is what Pope Francis is getting at, and for once, I can actually agree with him. There need not be dichotomy between the two....but we also don't need to lose decorum and proper Liturgy to do this.

Pax Vobis

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