03 September 2013

my personality type, the abdication, and sins of the tongue/rant

Seeing as the laptop is still broken, I've been away from the blog for a while, but I figured I need to post something...

I often feel there are many that misunderstand personality types, in particular my own, and reach conclusions that they should not reach because they don't view things from the inside out.

Those that know me in real life know that I have my moments of stubbornness, where I insist on doing things a particular way, or insist on a particular interpretation of a particular issue (for example, Newton's Laws of Motion)...

It's out of a sense of duty that I insist on the proper interpretation of the law or a particular thing. I hate seeing mistakes when it comes to these things, so I insist on the interpretation that leads to the least amount of mistakes that will be made.

Those that have my personality type are often dubbed "perfectionists" and rightfully so. They seek to do everything well and they hope that others will follow in their example. Perhaps this perfection can come off in so called rigidity where things can seem like it's my way or the highway...but trust me, you'll need this perfectionism later...

It is out of a sense of function that people become necessary. It is in my own nature to wish to vanish and not be noticed, but there are situations where, I do seek the attention. It's a paradox for most people that are on the outside looking in, and those that are on the outside looking in might see this type as self absorbing, or rather arrogant so to speak...but let me try to help...

It's rather rude if people are in the room to ignore them, so out of a sense of obligation or duty, they'll speak to those that are in the room. Of course once the obligations are met, they'll go hide in their little hamster ball and not wish to be bothered.

If you need a mere example of those of this type being proper, all you need to do is look at the Emeritus Pope's first 2 years of his pontificate...kept many of the BlJPII people in place, and then when their time was up, they got replaced. (think Marini I to Marini II).

In that same sense the desire to disappear and not be noticed is something that those that have my personality type share (one of the many reasons I connected to BXVI)...It's never about our person, or the things that we do, doing the right thing just makes sense, it's just apart of the job.

Often we can be viewed as oblivious to the world around us, not caring about those that are around us. Of course this is the view from the outside looking in. From the inside looking out, it's more like we have a task, we're determined to finish it, and nothing's going to get in the way of this task, even those that are around us. It's not that we don't notice the world around us, many of us do, and often to great and annoyingly detailed details, it's just that time is not to be wasted, and everything has it's time and it's place....People have often said about me that I remember things to crazy annoyingly detailed details....but if you're trying to distract me, I don't let that happen (unless it's an adorable kitty or my adorable niece and nephews, in which case, I can make an exemption)

It's been about 6 months since the abdication, and I'm not going to lie, I miss Benedict XVI a lot. Not just because him and I have similar personalities, but the catechesis of beauty was something that appealed massively to me. I love order and beauty and quite frankly I think both are necessary in order to transform the world. I pray hard for Benedict XVI, and pray that he's doing well.

Those that do not know me, or fail to understand me, will often mis-interpret things that I do, and it drives me crazy. I like direction and order, and ambiguity makes me crazy. (Though when it serves a purpose, then it can be done)...If you can justify rules, I'll follow them, if you can't then I won't. If you cross me, all hell will break loose, if you hurt me, I'll never forget it....and I suppose that even when these things are blatantly obvious on a personality test, seeing them in action can be a bit difficult to deal with I imagine....

I see absolutely no point in saying things about people behind their backs. It is much better to deal with the consequences of telling them to their face and dealing with the reactions there of. There are people that I expect to act like this, but there are others that I do not. If you're going to say something about me, address your complaints directly to me, and do not tell anyone else about things that I have not given explicit permission to mention. I do this not because there's necessarily anything to hide, just a matter of proper respect to the parameters that have been given. If I don't say anything about you, you shouldn't say anything about me.....And I know I'm not the only one this is being done to, so let's not allow, my bad side to come out, and address personal attacks to me, alright. :)....

Another thing it's inadvisable to do is to act jealous around me....especially when I'm in a situation where I can do nothing about it. Sorry, rules are rules, and while I'm often willing to bend them, I will not break them.

Thus endeth my rant...Pax vobis

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