06 May 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week...some stories

This week happens to be teacher appreciation week...I keep a lot of the reasons why I chose to go into teaching a top secret...but I will share some stories that are worth re-telling for some thoughts on the subject.

a. Humility

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I make no secret of my favorite teacher that I've had being Mrs. Makárova who was my HS math teacher (and for all intensive purposes, Physics, and Russian teacher as well)...and the amount of stories I could tell you about her influence on me would probably take up an entire new blog system...but I'll spare you that, and tell you a few stories...

Way back in HS during my ridiculously painful senior year, I was in Pre-Calculus class where the class as a whole was struggling. I remember finishing Chapter 3 in our book at the time. I had her the previous year for Geometry, so her and I were very familiar with each other...(Enough to get students at the school thinking things they shouldn't). I spoke to her after class had finished, and I told her quite openly that the class would be better if you returned to teaching how she normally taught. I think she was trying a new method from a different teacher, and I thought it wasn't working because of the class results. We had a good discussion on why these things weren't working, and my concluding words were "Return to being you, and things will get better." After said conversation, class began the next Monday, and she returned to her old teaching methods, grades proceeded to improve and get better :). The fact that I could be open with my teacher was something I always appreciated, and most certainly, I wouldn't forget that my feedback was appreciated :D...(Well, it wasn't feedback as it was, me giving a gentle reminder...yes, at 17 years of age, I had the system figured out :p, I was forced to grow up quickly)....

Another story from later on in that same year Mrs. M was doing a problem in front of the class, that she got wrong, she was embarrassed, and she was working on the problem after school, and I stopped by and we discussed the problem she did on the board, both of us working together realized she used the wrong equation....she of course felt embarrassed by realizing the simple mistake. I told her not to worry, that we're not perfect,  if I remember, I received EC for helping on the problem. It's not the fact that I got EC for helping that I tell this...but because of the fact that it's important for people to recognize that they are not perfect. I LOVED when teachers were human with me and told things as they were...even better when I could be a human with them.

b. Corrections

A teacher is someone who really wants you to truly understand why you're doing what you're doing as well as someone who will point out when you mess up. There are many practices that I used to do that I no longer do because of such a positive influence. One of them closing off your square roots, looks neater and cleaner than not closing them....(i'll put sample of my handwriting up to show you comparison later)

...Or the unforgettable rant on Newton's 2nd Law she yelled at me for an entire lunch period for :p...And to this day, anytime I have questions, or anytime I just feel like calling, she always takes my call and is excited to hear from me....

I don't think thank you can be said enough for everything that Mrs. M has done for me....so I say thanks again....

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  1. I have been Blessed with many great teachers, excellent for certain. I've also been in classrooms of truly awful teachers. Like any profession.
    Some people are 'teachers' professionally for a time but they always are a teacher in whatever profession or job or state of life they find themselves. It is a calling and Dave Ramsey has stated 'heart of a teacher' when reffering to money professionals, it's really a statement of all great teachers. "Heart of a Teacher."
    I know you are one of the excellent ones!


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