16 May 2013

Some thoughts...

I. Cardinal Mahony...again

I guess there is a saying that sometimes the best thing to do is to let a person hang themselves on their own words and actions. Many in the blogosphere are thinking that Archbishop Gomez absolutely must be in on the coverup since he has not said anything publicly in regards to this situation.

As I've mentioned before about the good Archbishop, from what it seems, he likes to keep a lot of things in house instead of out of house, when possible and in my brief conversations with him, I get the sense that, the need to pray for him is ridiculously high.

a. It is Cardinal Mahony that we're talking about here, the one who famously said there were no Liturgical Abuse problems in his archdiocese....you really think that EVERYTHING was revealed to Abp Gomez? LOL! That'd be like me believing Obama when he says he had nothing to do with Bengazi and the IRS scandal....just not happening, the track record of both just prove that one should not trust them :) (Obama and Mahony obviously)

b. The wolves in the archdiocese are numerous in number, and you should definitely pray for Archbishop Gomez....Let me put it this way, the wolves out number the good ones by many...To undo the damage the in the archdiocese will take a little more than 2 years ;)...Jesus did say there would be weeds in the field...He wasn't kidding ;)

c. The axiom that silence means consent, probably only works with extroverts....introverts are silent by their very nature, so to say that Abp Gomez necessarily approves of what's going on, I think would be a bit much to assume. Perhaps, it's just a matter of letting the fire burn out, or rather, letting the Cardinal choke on his own words....Instead of giving the Cardinal an even BIGGER spotlight than he's already placing upon himself, perhaps it's better that Archbishop Gomez not say anything....Granted, it will seem like an undermining of his own authority at times....but really, I think Archbishop Gomez knows that Cardinal Mahony likes the spotlight, and precisely BECAUSE he knows that Cardinal Mahony likes to be in the spotlight, he's NOT saying anything to add a bigger spotlight on him.

d. Really the only solution I see to this is Pope Francis moving Cardinal Mahony far, far far away. like maybe the Archdiocese of the Lunar landing?

II. The IRS scandal

You know, if someone said that they didn't know what was going on in their own organization or company, they'd probably get fired 99.99% of the time (unless they gain tenure as a teacher in which case, lol)...to say that zero had no idea of what was going on with either the Benghazi situation or this IRS situation, would be as Obama's saying, "I'm an idiot, I can't control those that are under me." or something like that...The only question is whether his role was direct, or from one of his underlings. Bottom line, the WH, it's staff, and at this rate congress all need to be behind bars.

III. Gosnell Life in Prison

I am glad that the jury found him guilty. As Christians in particular as Catholics we're bound to pray for his conversion, and while the death penalty is warranted for this situation in my humble opinion...Perhaps upon reflection, he will realize the error of his ways. No soul is too darken to have an opportunity for conversion....Let's put it into practice.

IV. A few necessary rants:

a. I am under no obligation to reveal ANYTHING that goes on in my life. If I choose to reveal something, it's because I want you to know it, if I do not, it's because I don't, it's really not complicated. But when I request for prayers for a situation, I mean it, even if I don't go into detail about the situation. There are some situations which I'd rather discuss privately, but have the intention to pray for it public.

b. Rules for me "liking" a page are as follows:
i. it was NOT suggested by facebook.
ii. it was NOT mentioned to me by anyone else, and done because I saw the page on my own.
iii. must be something that I actually enjoy, or a place that I like being at.
iv. last, and most importantly, it must be something where I do not have to "like" it to get information about it (or log into facebook)...you know those things where "like" if one wishes to read more.

c. (not really a rant)...If I decide to pursue even more crazed education...

It will be here: or here

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