18 January 2013

Some thoughts on recent events.

a. The gun-control debate...The executive orders...etc

It's already illegal to have military rifles in the general public. So it is illegal to have an assault rifle, as well it should be. A military weapon in the hands of an untrained civilian well, all hell would break loose.

There are differences between a semi-automatic and an automatic rifle. Can they be converted? Not without a bit of difficulty and a working knowledge of both systems. I'm a physicist and could probably do it no problem, but for the vast majority of people, this would not be the case.

There's an order limiting the size of magazines....well, one of course wouldn't need large capacity magazines....unless one missed the target ;)...then you'd be wishing darn well you had those high capacity magazines.

It's funny, evil can't be legislated away, but good can be. The majority of the people follow the laws that are on the books. We know that response teams aren't going to be instantaneous...It's best to have a situation where you have something and not need it, then not have it and do need it.

We need to stop making heroes out of the shooters and start supporting those that put an end to these kinds of things. No amount of "gun legislation" is going to fix this problem. People need to be allowed to put a stop to this....

I do support background checks...that doesn't mean that those that get their hands on a gun illegally will be stopped from doing so....Gun control works...just look at what happened in China, USSR and various other countries where gun control has been initiated.

b. Manti-Te'o

Why is this guy news? Who cares what happened between him and is fake online g/f. I mean really who cares...

c. Lance Armstrong

I knew he doped from the moment he won his first. And here's how I got there. Testicular cancer = low testosterone levels...must have artificial substances to make it normal. When registered on the test...will come out above normal for him precisely because of such manners....Ergo he doped. It comes as no surprise to me at all....and it shouldn't surprise anyone.....

d. The new manual coming out telling priests how to celebrate Mass.

Will probably be ignored by most of the priests....Unless it states explicitly ad orientem worship is to be done for all Masses, and Communion kneeling is to be given at all Masses. with the wrath of God warning at the end if it's not followed ;).


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  2. I care about Te'o, because the story put fresh egg on all the sports media not named deadspin.com.

  3. Paul, though I do find it interesting that everyone and their neighbor covered this story. It's one thing for this to be on ESPN, but another to be the headline story on primetime news :p


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