16 October 2012

7/2 Timeout-Tuesday: the 3 cubed birthday edition

Thanks to AOA for being our gracious host....

1) Today just happens to be the 27th birthday (yes, 3 cubed for you non math majors :p) of the author of this blog. Which means I'm only 3 years from turning 30....Where in the world has time gone? It seems like yesterday I was much smaller than this, and had a ton of energy to stay up all night.

2) I must confess, there is a certain person I want to spend my birthday with. It's not happening. I'm rather angry about it....It's not a good thing for me to be mad on my birthday.

3) This is the one day in the calendar that it is all about meeeeeeeee. Therefore my wish is everyone's command. I thus command that all of thee comment and say wonderful things....:D

7/2) Well, as far as treats for myself, I'm not sure what I'm going to get myself, but I'll get myself something special...:)


  1. Happy Birthday, Joe. I remember 27...long long time ago now.

    You can have my piece of cake - Paleo Plan won't let me.

  2. Thank you LarryD! Cake is absolutely allowed for the next 8 days :)


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