15 July 2017

A sort of update and I suppose some comforting words.

a. Joe, what happened to you last week?

Last week, I was involved in a car accident where I got rear ended. The car that hit me was going 25-35 mph. I'm thankful things were not worse, but evaluations with the chiropractor will have me going at least for the next month or so 3x a week. A bit sore on the right side of my shoulder and neck. It is still painful to have full motion on my right side, but well, what can be done?

As the other driver was without insurance, this is going to be all kinds of fun for them....

A week later, and motion on my right side is still not what it was. I suppose it's going to be a long road to recovery....hopefully there will be no complications, my body is all kinds of screwed up already :p

b. It's often said when one door closes, another one opens, or sometimes to that end, there's a reason that various things happen when they do happen. Sometimes it is also said that that we ought to pray as everything depends on God, and act like everything depends on us. I suppose to that end I can state two things.

It's a lot easier to get to Las Vegas, than it is to Russia :p....I was on vacation in Vegas a few weeks ago, coming back to California has reminded me that I need to leave this state once and for all. (Although 3 munchkins will want me to stick around, LA will be a 3 hour drive :p)....

Peace really does come from forgiveness of heart. A certain situation, which I will not specify, I had been praying for, and finally after all these years, it had been answered. It definitely feels great to have found the reconciliation of this particular situation.

Let not one's heart be troubled at the craziness that is going on in the world, from Rome or otherwise. Our Lord is in charge....

Now to find orthodox parishes in Vegas :p


  1. So sorry you were hurt.
    I hope you are all healed up.
    I loved visiting Las Vegas. The Church of the Guardian Angels is a Modern but campy treat. And I LOVE traditional churches.

  2. Thank you Lisa :)

    Lola, keeping myself together, yes, I've been there, it's modern, but not so bad.


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