26 August 2015

Some thoughts on recent events...

My apologies for not really writing too much lately...Unfortunately, now I am quite busy, so I don't usually the time to sit in front of my computer is minimal....But I do think I need to give some updates, so here we go....

a. My cousin has been found.

Thank you dear readers for your prayers! She has been found safely.

b. The PP videos...(You may look them up yourself)

Evil is so much prettier when it's hidden. When it is brought to the light, the ugly comes out. Because now people are forced to face the situation.

As a society there has to be a point, where this something is not okay. I'd want to think that those that have seen the videos would be shocked to the point where they'd do something about it. Of course, there shouldn't be any surprise that the media for the most part has blacked out this item. They're in on this agenda.

What services does PP provide that are EXCLUSIVE to their "clinics" that can't be found elsewhere? For whatever "good" may be done, does not justify an evil, such as the murdering of children, and profiting off their murder. The ends do not justify the means, period.

c. The presidential race...

I often like to say, I'm neither, right, nor left, just correct in the positions hat are held. I must say it's been rather laughable watching the debates and the various political commentaries, I think in my head, is this the best that could be bought? I might as well throw my hat in.

d. Pope Francis

I think it's best that we just pray for him, as well as stop emphasising every time he speaks. Now is the time when the Eastern position on the papacy makes so much more sense. We have been blessed in our previous pontiffs (St JP II, Pope Benedict XVI) in having clear speaking, so we did not have to worry about much. Look to your local Bishop for guidance. If local Bishop isn't cutting it, look to the Eastern European and African Bishops, they have their heads on straight.

e. Prayers for myself

Right now I do need prayers...I can't specify why, but do pray for me...as I will pray for you.

Pax Vobis

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