26 June 2015

Well, let's talk about "the decision" shall we?

As you've no doubt heard, SCOTUS has approved Same-Sex marriage for all 50 states here in the USA...Highlights of the dissent are here:

As I've stated before, if marriage is a fundamental right, then by it's very nature no one (government, religion, person) can deny them this. Now SCOTUS by virtue of this decision has made marriage a right....

Okay, so now that marriage is a right, I can propose to a girl, and if she doesn't say yes, I can sue because my rights are being hindered, and then play the race card, and the courts would have to side with me. Logically, it stands to reason because marriage is now a "fundamental right of man"

The funny thing is, there are probably legal means to deal with inheritance and property rights which did not need marriage to function. (Lawyer friends, you know what to do)

If one does not affirm the new law, expect persecution...things are going to get ugly....Lord have mercy (x 600)


  1. I agree with you Joe.

    This has been 40 years in the making.


  2. Indeed, may God have mercy on us


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