27 May 2015

Well let's look at some things

It's come to a point where I'm annoyed, sick, whatever you want to call it. At some point and some time, a few things need to be looked at....

a. The Pope

Lay people have zero authority to depose him, period! Even if the Pope was to proclaim heresy, we do not have the authority to depose him of office. That job belongs to the College of Cardinals, and in their absence, the diocese of Rome, period. There's been a lot of say about a few things of Pope Francis own doing....here and here

Certainly here at my blog you're not going to get BSed, and we're not going to make excuses for these things. What was said is what was said, and at this point, there's no use trying to change someone that refuses to change.

The issues at stake are definitely not a change in dogma, it is impossible for this to happen. If Vatican II has taught us anything it's that even with no change in dogma whatsoever it is more damaging to change the praxis of the Church. You'd think after witnessing the collapse for 50 + years that they'd learn their lesson, but then again, Jesus knew what he was doing leading the Church in charge with humans.

God help us all, let us pray for the Church as she goes through this passion.

As for the appointment of Fr Radcliffe....personnel is policy...that is all.

b. Some vocation thoughts....

It seems rather interesting to me that people see something in me. Rather it's humbling, I know how great I am not, and know of my own weaknesses. As such it was suggested to me that I consider sub-deacon ordination in the Byzantine Rite....And after taking it to prayer...I've decided to continue in that route...

If you could pray for me, that'd be totally awesome :D....I know I should probably update this blog more, but alas, tthank you real life.

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