01 October 2014

On the feast of the ever wonderful St Therese

A most blessed feast day to all of you! Through her intercession may you all be provided the graces you need to get through whatever you need.

"How sweet is the way of Love! True, one may fall, one may not be always faithful, but Love, knowing how to draw profit from all, very quickly consumes whatsoever may displease Jesus, leaving naught but humble and profound peace in the innermost soul."

It's certainly not easy to be faithful, with so much discouragement coming from the top. For someone like myself I have to try and avoid being too cynical and pessimistic towards everything that goes on. Whether it's towards people, or towards matters in the Church. I think collectively we need to realize (in particular for me) people let us down and sometimes we're our own obstacle to doing great things. 

But really our love for God will get us through, if we allow it to be so. To open our hearts to His love can sometimes be a rather difficult thing due to various reasons. I know for myself it's quite, quite difficult given the various crosses that I've had (and to some degree continue) to have in my life. I do my best, but so often I am weak and still fail.

I'm ever thankful to St Therese who has gotten me through virtually everything, points at my lowest, and points at my highest. She's a friend who I can always count on to put up with my perpetual complaining. Her stubbornness (just like mine), her sometimes cynicalness all I can relate to...If it isn't obvious, I love St Therese everything she stood for and everything she did...and I pray that once again she'll come to my aid for the various intentions that I have....Sorry for the rather semi-personal love letter to St Therese, but this glorious saint brings my soft side out...speaking of which.
I'd much appreciate it if you'd pray for a very special intention. It's been quite a while since I've allowed what I may allow to happen, to happen, I can't be specific about it now, but please do pray for this intention.

I leave with another quote from my dear Therese

"Love attracts love, mine rushes forth unto Thee, it would fain fill up the abyss which attracts it; but alas! it is not even as one drop of dew lost in the Ocean. To love Thee as Thou lovest me I must borrow Thy very Love - then only, can I find rest."

Again, a blessed feast day to all of you!

Pax Vobis

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