13 March 2014

Pope Francis: a year in review

It was a year ago...where we saw the election of Pope Francis, and my words were "who" at his election, I had zero clue as to who he was....And now a year's gone by, so time to reflect...

As I have said often, and I'll say again, my approach is neither doom and gloom, nor sunshine and rainbows. There have been times where Pope Francis has said wonderful things, there have been times where Pope Francis has been misinterpreted by the media, there are times when the words of Pope Francis have been the problem. While I make no secret that I'm not number one on the papal cheer team, I most certainly pray for him everyday because he needs it.

I really feel for the Papal Apologetics team (aka the Vatican press office) for always having to issue corrections....

I suppose that if we can't laugh about things, that we could go into despair mode about certain things.

1. The Pope Francis little book of Insults....

2. The Top 5 moments of Pope Francis' Papacy, from Eye of the Tiber

I have seen the Internet meme where it shows Pope Francis not changing doctrine. Well, guess what, he doesn't have that kind of power, so it should be no surprise to liberals or conservatives that nothing has changed. Of course, something I should mention is that the perception that something can change arguably does more damage than any actual changing itself.

Most definitely, let us pray for Pope Francis as he's asked us to do, he needs it....and while I could easily spend this entry going through every single thing wrong....there are other blogs that do that much better. Let us pray for Pope Francis!

Let us pray for Francis, Pope of Rome, Lord have mercy

And here also is a good perspective


  1. Your second point is something I've witnessed numerous times this past year. For instance ladies, who worked with my mother and who aren't catholic, are just thrilled over Pope Francis. What with the perception things are going to change. You and I and everyone else who reads your blog probably have seen similar enthusiasm. Truth is Truth and perception isn't reality. It probably helps that you are Mathematically minded.

  2. I have seen it too, the question is does this enthusiasm become a vehicle for digging deeper into the Truth, too often I'm afraid that people do not use this enthusiasm to find out more.


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