16 March 2013

Absolutely disgusting

h/t to supertradmum

I read these tweets this morning, was it sad the fact that I wasn't even surprised that His Eminence said such things? Being from his archdiocese, I've experienced the Liturgical terrorism that's better known as the archdiocese of LA Liturgies at various points. All this said, I have an open Letter to Cardinal Mahony...which I'm sure he'll read...seeing as I'm going to mention him...

Your Eminence:

Compassion for the poor is something that Jesus commands us to do, indeed it is quite evident from the Gospels that we should. That said, our first commandment is to love God with all our minds, hearts and strength. Is not beauty an exterior expression of our love of God?

We do love God, so why should we not give Him the best? It makes no sense to place our compassion for the poor in opposition to what we give to God. It is justice that we give Him our best and our full devotion...None of this detracts from our compassion for the poor.

I know in some crazy views, the Pope is just a Bishop, just an equal to your own....afraid, that the Pope in a special way is the Vicar of Christ for the Church Universal. In this regard he needs to be distinct from the other Bishops. This distinction raises the dignity of the other Bishops because the Pope is being humble in abandoning his own personal preferences to be distinctly noticed as the Pope. In the same way your dress as a Cardinal of the Church does not lower my dignity as a lay person. You do not need to dress like me so that my dignity may increase. As a matter of fact I'd be horrified if you dressed like me. (So don't)

To insult our previous Holy Father is beneath you, you are better than this! This also places a burden on Abp Gomez. I pray for you extra today...I beg of you earnestly, stop speaking...for the good of the Church, and for your own persona.


  1. Sadly, I don't think he iS better than this.

  2. Sadly, you're probably right...I mean he is, but isn't....all at the same time.


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