20 February 2013

Thought of the day

"This Pope is not JPII, I do not believe Pope Benedict XVI is running away from the Cross...on the contrary, he's going about his cross differently than Pope John Paul II. What I do believe is at play are a few things..a. Pope Benedict XVI's very introverted nature...He would rather hide than have all the public fame...and being one of those, he does not want the office attached to his person...I do believe that we're still suffering a bit in the cult of personality of Pope John Paul II. b. The lack of competence of those surrounding him...the reason Pope John Paul II was able to keep going was because of then Cardinal Ratzinger...(remember then Cardinal Ratzinger tried to retire more than once)...Pope Benedict XVI does not have that kind of person in the Vatican to manage day to day operations....Truly, I believe that the Holy Father seeks to do God's will...Let us not compare Popes, as admirable as I think Pope John Paul II's public suffering was and for the good of the Church was necessary, in this same light, this is how I view the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI. Believe me, I'm sure if all of us had our way, we'd keep Pope Benedict XVI around longer....Let us trust God, that He will provide a good pastor for His flock...Oremus pro pontifice Benedict XVI."

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