02 December 2011

Thank God!...

For this Bishop...finally putting an end to the lovey dovey hand holding feminized action that is the hand holding during the Our Father. Quite frankly, unless you're someone that's very close to me, I have no intention on holding your hand.


  1. Good analysis. My gut wants Rick Santorum. Depending how the primaries are by the time it hits California, I may vote for him. HOWEVER, I think it likely to be a horse race between Newt and Romney. In which case I'd pick Newt, don't like his past personal baggage at all...however, I gather he's converted to Catholicism in the last few years, and this can be a mitigating factor. Can't stand blow-dried Mittens. Obama=lite on the health care thing which has been a big part on choking the economy. I really don't want Ron Paul, nutbag. His foreign policy would be naive and a train wreck and a disaster waiting to happen. HOWEVER, I will vote for ANY Republican over Obozo. Obozo is a clear and present threat to the republic. NO Republican would make the horrendous choices for the Supreme court that obozo has made, nor would even nutjob Paul's foreign police be as bad. And frankly, Ron, we have enough pot heads in the country without you making that and heroin legal.

  2. Oh, the reason I'm picking (likely) Newt? He is the ONLY one, the ONLY one (Santorum included) who would NOT 'be nice' to Obozo. The only one who'd rip him to shreds in debate and kick the media's teeth right down their throats. Newt has the biggest gonads, and frankly, that's what it's going to take with the media 'girly men' and their pom-poms for Obozo.

  3. If it's between Newt and Obozo Repbulican style, I'll take Newt....it's going to take someone with the balls to rip the media and Zero apart. We already know what it's like to have potheads in the govt, in Ca...no need for another one ;)


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